Organic Chemistry Reaction Notecards

rxn notecard

So I want to start sharing some “Pre Med Tips!” This post will be the first post I will do. 🙂


Last semester, for Organic Chemistry I, I made reaction notecards. I used notecards that had two plain white sides (no lines).

On one side I put the name of the reaction and the chapter it was in (in the bottom right corner).


Then, on the other side I put the reaction mechanism, or just the reaction if the mechanism was never taught. I also put note: and put anything important about that reaction I needed to know there. I put other things it reacts with, or certain conditions that must be kept and so on.


Other Tips:

1. Make the reaction arrows a different color.

2. Make each chapters reactions a different color.

3. Make them throughout the year as you learn them this way you don’t get backed up and have to make a lot.

4. Or you could wait till 2-3 weeks before finals and make them for review purposes.

Reasons Why They Are Helpful:

1. Writing out the reaction is a good way to study the reaction.

2. The reaction notecards are a great reference material. You don’t have to go skimming through your book to look up a reaction!

3. Great Practice for drawing out mechanisms.

4.You can use them to quiz/test yourself. 🙂

5. You can save them for when you study for the MCAT or PCAT.

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