“We like BIG book bags and we can not lie!”

Hello! ❤ 

I like big book bags and I can not lie

I just thought I would update you all on my life. This picture was taken today of my suite mate and I! We were all ready to go to the library with our HUGE book bags! My other suite-mate was making fun or our rather large, stuffed to full capacity, book bags and she just had to take a picture! At least it will be a good memory of my years as a nerdy undergrad hehe :). I have a test later this week and two next week so I have to prepare! Slacking will not get me closer to my dream!

Today my boyfriend’s grandpa passed away from a long battle with cancer. He had been fighter cancer and had several heart attacks in the pass fifteen years. He was an amazing man and so funny! I really respect his wife for she has spent all her time caring for him. If it wasn’t for her he would not of made it as far as he has! It is amazing what love can do! RIP John ❤ You will forever be in our hearts.

Also, I think I am going to change my major to molecular genetics. The subject really intrigues me! New findings are being made all the time with many advances. Understanding our genetics will allow us to understand how certain diseases occur and hopefully leading to cures, which I think would be absolutely amazing! I think if I don’t get accepted to med school (which better not happen) I would want to pursue grad school and eventually get my PhD in genetics and do research in cancer genetics. Genetics research is being done on cancer and new therapies are being tested to hold back cancer! I would love to be a part of a team that discovers a new way to treat cancer and save many lives or at least allow people to live longer lives with the ones they love!   I love reading articles about cancer genetics and here are a couple easy read ones:

Here is a series of three articles by Gina Kolata (NYTimes). She is one of my favorite writers for the New York Times. I love all her articles! She has many more genetic/cancer related articles if you want to read up on that! I actually just found out she has a twitter! Follow her: @ginakolata

Here is and article by Alice Park (Heartland – Times).

Here is another article from Times by Alexandra Sifferlin!

Those are just a couple of articles, but if you have the time there are many more out there!

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week! One thing I want to say before I stop writing this is:

When things get tough, don’t give up!

Much LOVE,

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