Mother’s Day

Hello everyone! Sorry I have not been blogging that much lately! But, I promise I will try to blog a lot this summer! 🙂

Anyways, Mother’s Day arrived, so I thought I would dedicate this blog to my beautiful mother 🙂

My mother is a brilliant, bright young woman. She had my sister at 18 and me at 20.   She was given a full tuition scholarship to college that she gave up to raise my sister and I. I respect her so much for going out and getting a full time job at 19 years old to raise her kids. I know some people gave her a hard time for having kids so young. But, she proved them wrong!  She made sure she was a great mom. She took us on walks to the park in the evenings, the library, plays, our practices for sports, and got us science kits. 🙂 All to make sure my sister and I were well rounded. Now, my sister will be graduating nursing school in December, and I will be graduating in May of 2015 with a bachelors degree in Molecular Genetics and hopefully off to medical school after that. When my mother was 20 years old her father (my grandpa) died of AIDS, two years after he was diagnosed. Nine years later her mother (my Grammy) died of metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer. So as you can see my mother has endured a lot. But, she still has a smile on her face everyday and is working hard to achieve what she wants in life. She became of  successful sales manager at a large company. Then, she started her own shop/business a couple years ago called “The Wooden Spoon Cooking Co.” Although she had to close it, I still respect her so much for going after her dreams. 🙂 Now she has a job that she loves and blogs in her spare time ->  I look up to my mother and respect her so much. She has done SO much for me and I respect her greatly. I am so thankful to have a wonderful mother like her!! 🙂 Love you mom!

I also want to say something  for all the young parents out there – Don’t let negative comments by people get to you. I know people can be rude and give you hate, but being young does not change the amount of love you can give your child. Strive for the best and follow your dreams! I respect you all so much and believe in you ❤ My mother and father were able to raise two daughters wonderfully at a young age and without going to college. So don’t lets the odds get to you, beat the odds! 😀 😀 😀

Anyways, onto what I baked/cooked for Mother’s Day:

Eggless Strawberry Greek Yogurt Cake:


I made this healthy cake for my grandma, half the sugar/eggless/ and low fat. Recipe soon to come!

Later in the evening I made dinner for my mom.

Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken

Oven Roaster Broccoli

Cheesy Penne


The broccoli did not turn out that good, the garlic brown sugar chicken was delicious, and the Penne was super cheesy (as you can see)! YUM

Then, I made my mom some apple cobbler 😀 with vanilla ice cream. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of it. 😦

Anyways, I will be posting the recipes for these goodies sometime soon. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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