Junior Year

Hello everyone!

Cell Bio Study Grind

I am now starting my junior year of college! I really can’t believe that I am already half way through my undergrad. The first two years went by so fast, it is crazy how fast time flies sometimes.

This year is very exciting, yet nerve wrecking for me. I am now taking classes in my major. 😀 eek! This semester I am taking a 10 hour Molecular Genetics lab (it is two 5-hour labs), but we get out early sometimes, but good get out late (which I hope does not happen). I am also taking Cell Biology and Quantitative, Population, and Evolutionary (QPE) Genetics. I thought QPE was going to be boring and a lot of problem solving, but I think I am going to enjoy the class. I have been finding the material in lecture very interesting and we are going to be doing some cool projects!

Now, this year is nerve wrecking because I will be taking the MCAT next May. My goal is to study on my own Fall Semester, then take a class spring semester to better prepare me. I would just LOVE to get a 35 on it, but I don’t want to set a goal until I know my potential. Once I have taken a practice test and studied more I will make a goal score. What I am worried about most is that I am not a very good standardized test taker so I really have to study and prepare my self. I just tell myself if you really want something, you can make it happen!!! Right now I have a Princeton Review “Cracking the MCAT”  and I bought “Exam Krackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning.” My main issue with the MCAT is that I read too slow, so I bought extra practice for verbal reasoning because I have a feeling that will be my weakest area. :/ To any one else taking the MCAT this year GOOD LUCK! 🙂 Also, if you have any study tips, please share.

What I want to do when I am older:

Over the summer, I read a book called “Genetic Rounds:” by Robert Marion, MD. Dr. Robert Marion is a pediatric medical geneticist. His book is filled with real life stories that he has encountered during his career. The book has some very sad stories (I literally was crying while reading it on the beach), but then happy and inspirational stories. After reading this book, it made me want to have a job like his in the future. I have already had a liking for genetics and would always tell people I wanted to be a pediatrician. But, what if I could be a doctor for kids with genetic disorders?! It sounds perfect for me. 🙂 He did make the point in his book that it can be very overwhelming, having so many patients dying due to their genetic disorder, especially in extreme cases like Trisomy 13 and degenerative disorders. On the other hand, it can be so rewarding,  helping the families take care of their child in need so that their child can have the best life imaginable! Also, so much research is being done to help improve the lives of patients with genetic disorders, just think about how many cures can be found in 20 years?! Many genetic disorders are caused by protein malfunctions, which can lead to many problems. If we can figure out the gene that is mutated (which has been found for the majority of genetic disorders), then understand what the mutation does. We can then figure out how to fix it, whether trying to insert a non-mutated form of the gene or using certain drugs. This same process applies to cancer research too. We just need to understand the DNA first so that we can figure out how to fix the problem! During my career, a way to counter the effects a mutation could be discovered! I think it would be very exciting to tell a patients family that their is a new clinical trial that could heal their child, which means that their child could live a longer and happier life! 🙂 Anyways, sorry for my ramble, I just had a sudden realization of what I want to do with my life. I already want to buy a book on genetic disorders so that I can start learning all of them! 🙂 Feel free to comment on this post and share what interest you, and what type of doctor you want to be! 🙂

Good luck to everyone this year and never give up on your dreams!! 🙂

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