Getting Creative with Your DNA

We are entering an era where people are getting closer and closer to accessing their DNA Sequence. Most places just do SNP mapping, restriction mapping and etc. Steve Job’s got his whole genome sequenced for $100,000, but some companies are offering patients ~$10,000 to sequence their whole genome, and that price is only dropping. Partial Genome sequencing if a lot cheaper, more available and easily obtainable. It is especially important for patient’s with genetic disorders, to diagnose them. SNPs are commonly used for genotyping, and actually give a lot of information.

So anyways, I did some looking for places that offer some type of DNA Sequencing.

The popular one that most of you have probably heard of is 23 and Me. It only cost $99 now! They use SNPs to sequence your DNA and tell you your ancestry. Sadly they do not offer Health related information anymore due to FDA regulations. I actually have a professor who did it with his wife, and he said the health related stuff was pretty accurate. He got things like “You’re lactose intolerant in the morning” and “You are a better sprinter than long distance runner,” which he said were true. So hopefully, they get approved to give out health information, because I think it would be pretty cool to obtain that information! But, I do understand that there are validity issues and ethical reasons for why regulation must be put into place -> Read this Article

Then, you have companies that don’t use your DNA sample to give you information on ancestry or health related things, but uses it to make ART!😀

Signature DNA Expressions 

They are a little expensive, but would be well worth the investment! I think this is such a neat idea! 🙂 They make personalized wedding bands. Lets just say I know what wedding band my future husband is getting 😉 Hopefully he likes genetics like me!

DNA Wedding Band 


They also can put your DNA southern blot with photos to personalize them! 🙂 I think this would be such a cute wedding gift to give a fellow science friend! 🙂

side by side 

dna11 is another website that makes DNA Art.

This company makes portraits of your dna southern blot or thumbprint! You could get one for each family member and place it in your front room, put one in your office, or even buy one for you and your loved one to put over your bed! 🙂

 dna art - dna11

Example of dna11 Portraits. Such a pretty blue!

Then there is  Yonder Biology, who will not only personalize paintings, but shoes, cars, tables and so many more things! They can also work with you to make paintings more personal and creative!

Example of a Pair of Shoes!

DNA shoes


Lastly, something cool for the  KIDS: 

->With a class or your own children, you can help them extract their own DNA to make a necklace or bracelet out of it! 🙂

*Photos are from the websites.


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