Words of Encouragement

Yesterday I had a magical moment. So I am a student nutrition aide at a hospital, meaning I order and deliver patients meals. Near the end of the evening, after I had delivered all the dinners, I went around to order breakfast with some patients. Anyways, I went into a sweet lady’s room to order her breakfast, but she went on to tell me her life story and asked me what I did. I told her I was a student, my major and my goal in life (to be a doctor). Anyways, after listening to her for 20 minutes (no joke) I told her I was sorry but I had to go so I could order other patients’ meals. Before I left, she grabbed my hand with both of hers and told me,

I believe you will get into medical school. When you get that interview keep me in the back of your mind, because I believe in you. I know you will make a wonderful doctor one day. Stay confident sweetheart.

My heart warmed as she held my hand and encouraged me. I wonder if she saw the tear that almost started to form in my eye. Hearing a patient tell me she could see me as a doctor touched my heart. I will never forget this moment; it will only encourage me to keep on working hard so that I can achieve my dream and help save lives like the patient who told me she believed in me. I know one day all my hard work and dedication will pay off, so that one day I can achieve the greatest goal of all: to treat, heal and care for the beautiful people God blessed this world with. ❤

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