Different isn’t defective, it is beautiful

Since being in college, I’ve had the dream to be a pediatrician. After reading, “Genetic Rounds” by Robert Marion, MD last summer, that dream changed to be pediatric medical geneticist. Many children are born with rare genetic disorders and often die at very young ages. Thats when I began doing some research on genetic disorders and following support pages on facebook. It is truly remarkable how great a life some of these children can have due to the love and support of their family, and I would LOVE to be the doctor that supports the child and their family.

I came across this organization today, http://globalgenes.org/rarefacts/ . There are over 7000 rare genetic disorders that affect 30 million Americans, and only about 5% have drug treatments. The reason I am sharing this is I want more people to be aware of rare genetic disorders. Due to lack of interest, funding, and complexity of the disorders, children and adults are dying daily. If we can get more people to be motivated to donate/fund research in the field, more drug therapies can be created and more lives can be saved.

I want to make it my life goal to help children with genetic disorders, so they can have a chance at life too. ❤

Also, wear your “Genes Ribbon™” for rare genetic diseases!!

genes ribbion

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