An Easter Engagement!

I have big news! We’re engaged!

My lovely boyfriend, Jake, proposed on Easter! I totally thought he’d propose in the summer or fall of this year, but he chose Easter because he knows how much I love Easter. Easter has always been special to me, because 4 years ago I joined the Catholic church and received the sacraments of Confirmation and (first) Eucharist during the Easter Vigil Mass.

We went to mass with his family (him and I drove separate). Upon leaving mass, he said “I have to go run an errand for my mom.”

Me: “Oh, what errand?”

Jake: “I have to pick something up downtown for my mom.”

Me: “What do you have to pick up downtown?”

Jake (who totally cannot come up with a good lie): I don’t know, something from Lindey’s.

Thats when it hit me. If you know me well, you know I over analyze everything. So I immediately knew what was about to happen…

My brain in this moment: He totally has no clue what he is picking up, which is weird, one can’t pick up something without knowing what that something is? Lindey’s is in German Village? Its a fancy restaurant, what does he need to pick up from there? Oh My GOSH. German Village. The Book Loft and First Watch are located there. WHICH IS WHERE WE HAD OUR FIRST DATE. OMG HE IS GOING TO PROPOSE!

I decided to stop prying him with questions for the rest of the drive. He parked around the block from The Book Loft… we started walking down the cobblestone sidewalk and he goes, “Oh, look, It’s the Book Loft, where we had out first date! Want to walk up and see if it’s open?” We proceed to walk and he said some lovely things. He starts to get down on one knee and says, “Will you marry me?” I said, “Yes!” During all this, his roommate from college pops up, from behind a bush, to capture this beautiful moment!

Surprisingly, The Book Loft was open, so we walked around the store for a little as he revealed the details of this little secret he had to keep from me. We arrive back to his parents house only to find out he invited my parents and sister, her boyfriend, and nephew over. It was an AMAZING day filled with love and family, the perfect way to begin the Easter season!

Photography: Brandon Morgan (Jakes best friend/old college roommate) | Dress – Loft | Shoes: Call It Spring

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