Kimmy’s Joyful Travels: Dallas

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Jake and I went to Dallas for a friend’s wedding. We decided made a long weekend out of it so we could soak in what this Texas city had to offer. I was a little nervous going to Dallas in August, due to the heat. It was hot and humid (because it just rained), but thankfully it was less than 100F!

We ate at several places that I will talk more about below. The top places you need to eat when you’re in Dallas are:

  • Barbecue
  • A trendy brunch spot
  • Biscuits
  • Ice Cream (because we all need a sweet treat to cool us down)
  • A great outdoor bar or restaurant patio (when its not too hot)

Where We Ate:

Bread Winners Cafe

  • AMAZING brunch/lunch spot with multiple locations throughout Dallas.
  • Instead of bread/rolls, you get a side of bakery goodies (i.e. banana bread, lemon loaf, etc.) The sweet tooth in me LOVED this.
  • We went to the Uptown location. It is an adorable old victorian style building with a dog friendly patio! (Although no one was on the patio during on the hot summer day we were there)
  • I ordered the Jalapeño Chicken and Waffles. Spicy, sweet, savory and everything in between! So yummy!

18th and Vine BBQ

  • Cute twist on BBQ
  • We ordered a side of mac and cheese with the pulled pork and ribs. They give you a large bottle of their in house BBQ sauce so you can can control how saucy you want your meat to be!
  • If you don’t feel like waiting in the line at Pecan Lodge, highly recommend this cute restaurant for some great barbecue!

Harlowe MXM

  • I love brunch y’all and let me tell ya, THIS place knows how to do BRUNCH!!!
  • First off, order yourself one of their beautiful cocktails, an oyster shot or build your own mimosa! (I mean who doesn’t love a mimosa bar?!)
  • Then, order everything off the menu! JK I wish, but everything we ordered was so freaking good!
  • We ordered the Hawaiian Donuts, The “OG” Toast, and Chilaquiles Verde.

Other Places You should Try:

  • Pecan Lodge – Best Bbq in Dallas! Long lines, but will we worth your wait!
  • Ruins – Great night time spot in Deep Ellum for some spicy tacos and large shareable drinks where they light a sugar cube on fire!
  • Stirr – a super cute and trendy drink and brunch spot.
  • Katy Trial Ice House – Outdoor spot to hang and drink with friends.
  • The Rustic – outdoor bar with live music on the weekends.

Where We Stayed:

  • Marriot Downtown
  • AMAZING Hospitality!!! The picture below was a sweet surprise we were welcomed with. Jake is a Marriot Ambassador and this was a random thank you from them! They also walked us to our room and showed us how to use their unique elevator.
  • They have the second largest lounge in the US, with a great view of the city! (limited for those with Elite status)
  • Very close to Uptown, Katy Trail, and Deep Ellum! If you like walking and exploring, they’re all within walking distance, or a quick uber away.

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