Hi, my name is Kimmy!

Photography by Miranda Frase, Davinci Photography


My goal in life is to spread light and love in anyway I can. One of my favorite ways to do that is through cooking and baking! Everyone loves a homemade meal or dessert and nothing brings me more joy than being able to show love through food. I started sharing recipes on this blog in 2012 to help you show your friends and family love through food too! You can browse my recipes here. Quick shoutout – my mother is an excellent cook and highly influenced my love for cooking.  She owns a company that makes your family meal prepping 100x easier, The Freezer Meal Club.


I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio and my day job is coordinating clinical trials for leukemia. Outside of work and cooking, I enjoy running, yoga and going on adventures with my fiancé, Jake. He travels a lot for work and because of that he has sparked a love for travel in me! We have been to 4 countries and 10 states together. In 2019, I launched a series on this blog called Kimmy’s Joyful Travels. In this portion of the blog, you’ll see travel itineraries, travel tips, and most importantly- Where to Eat!

From, golfing in Howth, Ireland to rooftop bars in Chicago.

From hiking in New Hampshire to hiking in Switzerland!

Feel free to also follow me on trip advisor for more detailed reviews you won’t find on this blog!

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