Kimmys Joyful Travels: Hiking Mt. Moosilauke, NH

September is Here, which means fall is fast approaching! To celebrate cooling temperates and colorful leaves I am sharing our favorite adventure so far! I am sure hiking Switzerland will top this hike, but continue reading to see why we loved this trip so much!

Last October, we went on a “Fall” hiking trip in New Hampshire. Little did we know the weather had something else in stored for us.

Fall quickly turned to Winter! It was a foggy morning, so we had no clue the upper peaks were covered in snow. As we were ascending, more and more snow kept falling. Twenty minutes before we summited a blizzard came into town. The snow was coming down fast and we couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of us… I didn’t think we were going to make it down (cue panic attack). Thankfully, when we made it to the peak we met two guys, taking the path in the opposite direction and they pointed us in the correct direction for the descent.

We started to notice snow on the tops of the trees.

It was a Winter Wonderland before we knew it!


Here is the All Trails hike we did.

Great trail, but super tough with the snow! We turned at the Ridge and went up to Beaver Brook Trail. It was about a 9.5 mile hike and took us 5.5 hours. Snow rolled into town and made for a very difficult hike due to low visability and slippery rocks. But, it was very beautiful getting two seasons in one hike! Beaver Brook is a very rocky part of the trail with some scrambling. We hit a brief snow storm going along Beaver Brook, which made the scrambling even more difficult. Overall, beautiful hike, but not an easy hike when it’s snowing. Due to the snow, clouds, and wind, we didn’t get much of a view the day we hiked it. Once some of the clouds and snow storm had cleared, we got a glimpse of the views coming down!! Breathtaking to say the least!


Franconia Inn

  • A super COZY Bed and Breakfast. It was adorable with relaxing and peaceful vibes.
  • Their food is great! We ate their breakfast twice because it was so TASTY! I had delicious pumpkin pecan pancakes! Mhmm! After 10 miles of hiking, we did not want to go anywhere! So we ate dinner in the downstairs bar area. One burger, glass of wine, and fireplace later, we were ready for bed (by 8 pm).
  • It was listed on Airbnb when we booked it, but I don’t think it is anymore, so feel free to book it through their website!

How We Traveled There:

We flew into Boston Logan on a Friday and took a rental car up into the White Mountains. My flight landed into Boston around 6 pm on a Friday. We hit some traffic leaving Boston and it probably took us about 3 hours to drive to Franconia, NH. Sunday, we took a long way back to the airport to do some site seeing because the fall trees were to die for!

Tips for Visiting in the Fall:

  • Book Early!
  • If you are not from New England, please note fall hits the mountains a little earlier. We are from Cleveland and at the time of our trip, only a couple tree’s had started to turn colors (Boston was the same way, mostly green still). Almost every tree in the Whites was in prime fall foliage! We actually found this tracker here.
  • Be prepared for any weather. Bring layers and thick socks.
  • Bring hiking shoes or boots! You may come across muddy parts, slick leaves, or snowy parts.
  • Most importantly, be ready for lots of beautiful views that will blow your mind!
Coming down when the sky finally cleared!

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